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Start a beauty side hustle

Set yourself up for an unshakeable year with great beauty business building tips from Becc Cullen, Executive Sales Manager. Becc is a busy mum of four living in Dubbo, NSW.

Looking for the best beauty side hustle? There’s no more flexible way to earn extra income than with a Nutrimetics beauty business. In times of mortgage increases and rental hikes, there’s never been a better time to join Nutriemtics and start building on that rainy day fund.

No one knows the power of the Nutrimetics side hustle and we’re it can take you better than Becc Cullen, a busy mum of four living in Dubbo, New South Wales. Not only does she do an amazing job raising her family and earning extra income with Nutrimetics, she also helps her husband run an orchid.

What’s your beauty business focus for the New Year?

My diary is already fully booked out for next year! My goal is to continue with the growth that I had in the Pandemic. I’m fortunate my side hustle grew amidst the chaos. Fun will also be my major focus for 2022. We all need more fun after the past year and it will feel good to put the stresses of the Pandemic behind us. I’ll be out on lots of make-up workshops next year and consistently booking one-two workshops a week. Organisation is so important for me. For 2022, I already know when I am working, when I’m taking holidays and the kid’s schedules are all planned out. That way I don’t get overwhelmed and stress myself out.

I’m planning for a good balance of both online events and face-to-face workshops. I’ll keep reaching out to new people, offering virtual events which are so popular with busy, time poor mums just like myself! And I’ll still maintain those essential in person connections. I love nurturing the relationships I have locally and I love creating a community with my team. Together we’ll be planning lots of fun, exciting, positive experiences that leave everyone feeling good.

How do you plan to stay motivated?

Every morning, I stay grateful and remember all the reasons I’m so lucky to have my life. It’s the very first thing I do as soon as I get out of bed. Gratitude doesn’t just have to be for the big things, it’s important to acknowledge the little things, too. I’m also really mindful of who surrounds me. It can be easy to fall into the trap of absorbing negative energy. It can seriously drain you! I watch who I’m talking to, what I’m reading and what I’m watching too when it comes to news, TV and social media. I love that I surround myself with so many like-minded, motivated, grateful, happy people!

Workshops Nutrimetics style


“You have to find your own way and find what works for you”

Are you excited for more in-person workshops in 2022?

Being together with people again is really exciting. I have some big road shows and community events coming up. A lot of time will be dedicated to maximising lead generation in communities. If there are festival days, any special celebrations, markets – my team will be there. We’ll be popping up everywhere doing little make-up events and stalls.

One of the things I love most is being involved in projects where I can use my business to give back, too. Like providing the Aboriginal Land Council with $6000 worth of products to give back to the community. Or programs and events for special needs and mental health units.

Will you continue to grow your beauty side hustle online?

I’ll be maximising social media for trainings and having lots of Zoom catch-ups regularly. Joining various mums groups and positive women’s groups on Facebook has been a great place to make strong new connections. You can share and support each other – and in turn, share what Nutrimetics can offer, too. Social media for me is all about looking after the good relationships I have and being authentic.

You have to find your way and find what works for you! I keep my customers up to date with offers but I’m also showing that my life is real. You really don’t have to be that perfect put-together person. My customers see me with no make-up, running around crazy with the kids all the time. They have a real relationship with me. It’s not fake or salsey. They’re part of my family and friends – and because of that they continue to support me.

Family and your Nutrimetics side hustle go together like a dream


Anything else you’d like to say about #LifeWithNutrimetics?

It’s amazing having such a strong work/life balance and always being able to prioritise the kids. Being a stay at home mum is the best. But equally as important, Nutrimetics gives you the chance to do something that isn’t easily accessible in Regional Australia. Living in small country towns, work is limited, opportunity is scarce and career is hard to come by. Nutrimetics is something that you can create for yourself from nothing – and it’s something to be very proud of. I can earn as much or as little as I want and even in these incredibly challenging times, I haven’t had to stress.

I’ve been able to home school my kids, all while having strong growth in my business. I’ve still earned a great wage independently and I have time to help my husband run the orange orchard whenever he needs me to. I can stay in my PJs for as long as I feel like. And it really doesn’t matter what your background, life circumstances or qualifications are! It’s a fantastic opportunity – and totally up to you how far you want to take it. Nutrimetics is all about making others feel good and giving them the chance to change their lives for the better – and it’s amazing to be part of.


Whatever your goals are for 2022, running a Nutrimetics side hustle is fun, fast and easy. Learn more here.

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