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Everyone's talking about Nutrimetics

Our Consultant is a Netflix superstar

We're so proud of our super star Beauty Consultant Leisel @leiselslifenz for stealing the limelight in the smash hit dating show Down For Love.

Leisel and Nutrimetics

Not only did she find her Prince Charming Brayden, the show stayed in Netflix's top 10 for weeks after release. If you haven't watched it yet, binge now on Netflix. 

We’re in Beautyheaven beauty news for the refillable palette.

Beautyheaven called out our Refillable Palette in their news edition.

"Consider this multi-purpose palette like an adult version of a pick-and-mix. Keep one in your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups, or in your makeup kit for a beauty one-stop shop."


Read the news here.

Best night oil

Urban List

"If Retinol is not for you, Bakuchiol just might be and that's what this facial oil is packed full of."

Read the full list here.

Beautyheaven named Nutrimetics in their Earth Day list for top eco-friendly beauty brands

Beautyheaven named Nutrimetics in their Earth Day list for top eco-friendly beauty brands.

"They have a range of cleaning products named ‘Nutri-Clean’ (which includes laundry detergent and all-purpose household cleaners) that use eco-friendly ingredients and are biodegradable. Really makes you think about what’s previously been sent down your sink."

Read the full article here.

Our Refillable Palette has made the 30 Best Gift Ideas For Mum list

Our Refillable Palette has made the 30 Best Gift Ideas For Mum list. 💐

"This fully customisable magnetic palette can house up to six of mum’s favourite eyeshadows or three blushes, highlighters or bronzers."

Read the gift list here.

Check out the great review of our refillable palette on

Check out the great review of our refillable palette on

"Totally love the flexibility that Nutrimetics offers by choosing the colours and pieces you actually need to make your own tailor-made palette."

Read the article here.

Our founder Imelda Roche spoke to Forbes

Our founder Imelda Roche spoke to Forbes about her retail trend predictions for the year ahead.

“Historically, Nutrimetics has remained incredibly resilient thanks to its ability to adapt and innovate. In the past 55 years, the business has experienced declines during recession or instability during war and natural disasters, but spending regularly bounced back on a rapid growth trend soon after."

Read the full article here.

We made the Escape team’s hotlist @ News Corp

We made the Escape team's hotlist @ News Corp. Don't forget to pack your Platinum travel minis for your next big trip.

'Dehydration on a long haul flight is a killer not just for thirst but for drying out the skin. Add to that the havoc a new time zone and climate can play. It helps to have products to keep your complexion in check. Nutrimetics Ultra Care+ Platinum range includes a travel size cleanser, repair cream and mask.'

Read the full feature here.

Canberra Times talked to our in-house chemist Victor Nguyen

The Canberra Times talked to our in-house chemist Victor Nguyen.

"According to Nutrimetics' in-house chemist and new product development specialist Victor Nguyen, the skin microbiome is an ecosystem of good bacteria that lives on your epidermis, which helps regulate inflammation and serves as a barrier that's the first line of defence against pathogenic bacteria."

Read the full article here.

Australian Financial Review interviews our founder, Imelda Roche

The Australian Financial Review interviews our founder, Imelda Roche, "a woman at the vanguard of getting women into the workforce."

"Ultimately, I was an average woman who was able to do a helluva lot for other average women. That’s it. Nutrimetics gave women an opportunity to set up a business under a parent company,” she says. “They didn’t have to own the stock themselves, they didn’t have to take the risk.”

Read her amazing story here.

Learn more about Nutrimetics and our naturally enriched history here:

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