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A Beauty Consultant for over 50 years

We're wishing a happy 50th Nutrimetics anniversary to Maureen Wagg, Executive Sales Director New Zealand.

Maureen Wagg is our longest standing New Zealand Consultant who has been with us since almost the very beginning, 50 years ago. Having maintained a successful Nutrimetics business for all those years, she knows the importance of never giving up if you’re truly passionate about something. Here is her story.

Maureen’s first ever car presentation with her children and mother. 

How does it feel to reach your 50 year anniversary with Nutrimetics?  

It is almost unbelievable to think that I have spent so much of my life as a Nutrimetics Consultant and Leader. I feel incredibly lucky to have found the career that made my heart sing, and which has never felt like work. 

You’ve been with Nutrimetics New Zealand since the very beginning. What’s changed the most in the business over the years? 

In the early days we had to keep all of our records on cards, phone every customer and hostess, and send out brochures every month by mail. Today we have digital brochures, every record is kept online, and regrettably we text and email rather than contacting people personally. The internet and social media have forced the biggest change, which has helped us grow but I still believe the personal touch goes a long way.  


Maureen on one of our incredible International Seminars – this time in South Africa. 

How did you originally get started all those decades ago? 

I started organising workshops (or ‘shows’ as we called the back then) with my sisters. We were relentless at booking and building workshops. Our strategy wasn’t always to book a ‘show’ from ‘shows,’ which is by far the best way of doing it. I had to get on the phone later to encourage people to make dates and fill my diary. This worked and I always booked at least two workshops a week, and held around 12 a month. I was passionate about the products and my enthusiasm brought my results. 

What’s kept you as part of the Nutrimetics family for so long?   

I love my customers and Consultants, and over the decades have delighted in changing women’s lives and helping them to duplicate my own success. It is so exciting to develop a Consultant through to leadership, and watch her confidence grow. I also love training. This is where it’s possible to inspire others to achieve their dreams. 

Maureen’s enormous family who are so proud of everything that she achieved. 

How do your loved ones feel about your Nutrimetics career?   

My children have all become successful in their own right. They have often said that I taught them that anything is possible – especially if you are prepared to work at it. They watched me become successful with Nutrimetics through dedication. My mantras have always been, ‘never ever give up’ and ‘success is about hanging on when everyone else has let go.’ I think my Nutrimetics journey helped them to become resilient as they supported me. Every competition was enthusiastically received and every milestone celebrated by us all. I met my partner John Dobson 35 years ago and he was amazed to see the cheques I received every month! He is my biggest champion and loves Nutrimetics! And why wouldn’t he? He got to attend so many seminars with me and experience luxury five star travel. John rejoices in my success and has always encouraged me to achieve. 


Seminar success! Maureen’s team recognised for their effort – and all the others who received awards that night. 

What’s been your favourite Nutrimetics reward?

It’s a toss-up for my favourite reward. I absolutely love my ‘Million Dollar’ Pin. My team has achieved over a million dollars in sales consistently for 27 years. However, I believe the Car Programme is incredible. When I joined, I drove a 1958 Morris Oxford. Back then I could not imagine myself ever driving a brand new car. Since then, I have driven over 17 brand new cars thanks to Nutrimetics. My first Ford Escort in 1974 would be hard to beat. I didn’t think I would ever feel so successful, but guess what, I did!

Favourite product?  

My favourite product now is Ultra Care+ DNA Age Repair Crème, but in the early days it was the heritage range. I could not afford expensive skincare when I first joined, and being able to use natural, affordable, good quality products for my very dry skin AND see amazing results truly confirmed my love for Nutrimetics. I was so passionate about the range that if anyone even mentioned a competitive range, I felt the tears spring to my eyes! Yes, really!

Our original founders Mulford J Nobbs, Imelda Roche and Maureen – receiving her first ever Nutrimetics trophy on an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. 

Favourite nostalgic memory? 

My favourite nostalgic memory was receiving my first company car at the St George Hotel in Wellington. I drove in with my 1958 Morris Oxford and drove out in my brand new Ford Escort. The children and I just sat at the bottom of our drive playing with all the knobs. They were so proud to be driven to school in my new chariot.


Maureen on the cover of our Consultant magazine in the early nineties. 

Advice for a new starter?  

The good thing is that now it’s easier to create a business using all the digital tools and the friends and contacts a new Consultant has on Facebook. Many new Consultants achieve success without leaving their homes. However, my advice is to create a beauty business which has a face-to-face component, creating relationships which last and building trust with your new Consultants and clients. Learn how to sell first, and sponsor, sponsor, sponsor (invite as many people as you can to join). You can’t build a business by yourself.

Anyone you’d like to thank?  

I would like to thank every Consultant I have ever signed up to Nutrimetics, all of whom have formed the chain of success I have been so fortunate to experience. A huge thank you to all the leaders I have developed, or have developed through my downline. Some of these leaders have moved on to other businesses but they have all benefited from the Nutrimetics opportunity. Looking back provides me with so many wonderful memories.

Especially, I would like to thank Kath Delaney, Vicky Leckenby, Pauline Stock and Clare Bell – my current very successful Executive Sales Managers. Maxene Kauri is my Sales Director. Thank you, Maxene for your dedication and love of Nutrimetics, and to your team – Lori Angus, Jackie Ham, Di Smith and Stacey Gray. I must also mention Tracey Benham and Pauline O’Leary Smith, who have always had the Nutrimetics ‘bug’. I look back on our ‘board’ meetings, with a full table of Directors all sharing ideas and the air would literally buzz with the energy we created. 

Final thoughts?

I am sort of retired now, but it is very hard to retire from a business which is so exciting, especially when you have Apricot blood! And so yes, after 50 years, I feel like I’ll always remain a Nutrimetics leader and Consultant.


Interested in started a beauty business with longevity like Maureen? Learn more here. 

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