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2022 Nutrimetics Annual Awards Queen of Conference

Introducing our NEW Queen of Conference 2022, Deanna Purza, Presidential Director from QLD

A HUGE congratulations to Nutrimetics top achieving Consultant and beauty business owner, Deanna Purza, Presidential Director from Queensland.  

Our incredible Consultants came together from all across Australia and New Zealand to celebrate our Annual Awards, set against the beautiful sand stretches of the Gold Coast. It was a huge weekend of celebrations, personal growth, friendships and new connections for our Nutrimetics beauty business owners. Plus, we crowned a new Queen of Conference, Deanna Purza, a woman who has built a strong beauty business for 42 years. Her and her team achieved the highest sales for the year, a phenomenal accolade against very tough competition. Her secret is creating a ‘magic’ environment and always prioritising personal development. Here is her incredible story.

Deanna and her team

Deanna and her amazing team, the SA Legends

What does it feel like to have achieved the highest award at Nutrimetics?

To be honoured with having the highest achieving team in the business was a complete shock. I was so busy waiting for our reigning Queen Louise Buechner to take the stage it took some time to sink in. But it was such a wonderful surprise and a huge testament to how hard everyone in our team of beauty business leaders, the SA Legends, has worked this past year. I am so grateful and proud. Being Queen is fantastic but the way I see it, we are all Queens. I represent the effort of all of us.

You first joined Nutrimetics back in 1980. Did you ever imagine all these decades later you’d be here at the very top?

Nutrimetics was such an unexpected career path for me. All those decades ago I didn’t really know anything about the company. I was invited to a party and went as a reluctant guest. I was not really participating until I was completely taken in by a wonderful presentation by Peggy Lombardi, who became my upline Manager (and who is also still with Nutrimetics today.) She started to explain how this sort of business could work within a home environment and I immediately became very inquisitive. Peggy created such a lovely atmosphere and it sparked my curiosity.

Suddenly I was completely taken in. There was something about the beautiful environment she had created that made me feel this could be part of my future, too. Usually, Consultants open up the conversation about opportunity but for me it was the other way around. I saw something special in what she was creating and had so many questions.

People think I am very confident now but I didn’t feel that way all those years ago. What I witnessed was Peggy having fun. She was so relaxed just sharing her passion for the business and the products. She was educating us about taking care of our skin. It made me think, maybe I could do this, too. Especially when I saw every other woman at the party investing in their skincare by the end of the night. It’s crazy to think how that one event changed my life. I never could’ve imagined it would take me all the way to the top back then. I am so glad I became so intrigued I became by the whole experience.  

Deanna 3 

Deanna celebrating with last year’s Queen of Conference Louise Buechner (centre left) 

What have you enjoyed the most about running a successful beauty business? 

I love creating my own version of that ‘magic’ environment that Peggy first showed me all those years ago. Not to mention all of the personal development that comes with this career. When you develop your skills as a presenter and as a business person, your creativity soars. It’s so rewarding to go out and serve your client in the best possible way for her personal needs. I love to inspire and educate on the best techniques for skincare and I’ve never changed my approach because it works.

Get to know your client and get to know their needs. Create a positive experience at every stage of interaction with a customer so they can’t wait to join – it really works. I’m so passionate about healthy skin, too. I love seeing what a customer is currently using and seeing how to complement their current regime. Face to face workshops will always be my passion. 

What have you been doing to celebrate your success?  

In 42 years running a Nutrimetics beauty business, I feel like we’ve celebrated every day, week, month and year! It’s such an exciting business and it’s always evolving. That’s the best bit. When you’re involved in Nutrimetics, you get celebrated all the time. Recognition doesn’t just come for the big accolades like Queen of Conference. My team and I were so excited and happy to win but we always try to remember to celebrate both the lessons and the rewards. There’s so much value in the things that don’t come off the way we plan them. As a team, we try to savor all the beautiful lessons along the way, not to ride on our past glories and to stay focused on the future.  

Deanna 2

Deanna, Nutrimetics CEO Peter Archer and National Sales and Marketing Director Linda Konestabo

What do you think your team are doing differently to achieve such a level of success?   

My team are so loyal. They’re stayers and they’re always focused on the task at hand. Plus, it helps that they’re all such big fans of the brand and product. You cannot fake enthusiasm like that. We’re also so close thanks to achieving so many five star trips with Nutrimetics. The many wonderful, joyous experiences seeing the world together brings you closer. Nutrimetics is a company that provides you with all the tools you need to reach your dreams. A lack of focus won’t get you what you want. We all support each other in going after those big individual goals together. We’re also very good at communication. Work hard, run your business and be an individual who’s free to manage it in a way that works for you. I love our monthly review meetings where we get to share ideas.    

How’s digital helping you to succeed? 

Things are very different now. The training nights that cover all areas of business from sponsoring and new joiners to facials and masterclasses, everything can be done via Zoom now. Adapting to and learning new digital skills has been so important for us. We’re always asking ‘how do we go about doing things in new ways?’ Zoom, Facebook lives and Instagram, they’re all great ways to stay close to your customers and your team members. To keep our business moving in the right direction we must adapt and it’s been an incredible learning experience. It’s so crucial NOT to lose contact with our people. Always be looking for ways we can be supportive with continued encouragement and offering help.  

Deanna and husband

 Deanna celebrating with husband, Michael Purza. 

How do you view leadership?  

It’s my responsibility to offer my wisdom and leadership as much as I can. I like to show my appreciation for my team and customers for staying so loyal over the years by reminding them I am always available to support them. That’s golden, the loyalty that has been built. My heart is their heart. If they want support or advice, it’s my job to offer it. I provide all I can for them to reflect on and we all share and give to each other. Credit to my team especially, who have no physical leader in South Australia as I am in Queensland. Their loyalty surpasses anything I’ve ever experienced.  

Deanna 5

“Being Queen is fantastic but the way I see it, we are all Queens” 

What’s the most exciting thing about the rewards at your level?   

I cannot wait for another all-expenses paid European adventure at the end of the year. In 42 years, I’ve had a wonderful life in achievements with Nutrimetics and the rewards are countless. The travel really lights me up most. The luxury you experience and destinations are next level. You couldn’t ask for better treatment. And it’s available to everyone. Invite someone to join today and next year they could be in Spain. All you have to do is to continue sharing this great opportunity of our exciting world in  Nutrimetics. It’s incredible!  

Why is Nutrimetics so special to you?  

It’s so exciting and personally fulfilling to provide others with the chance to experience a lifestyle of total freedom. Choosing your own income and hours plus all of the luxury incentives as a beauty business owner. And the beautiful, solid friendship shared with people who have a common goal and a common cause – it enriches your life in just so many ways.  Nutrimetics gave me a voice. To have a voice and grow that part of myself, you can’t buy that experience.

The confidence you get from the nurturing offered by HQ and the staff. The kindness, the support, the genuine listening. They really give you their time and it’s very rare to find in an organisation. It’s also so nice to be part of that ‘golden moment’ when people first join. They think, what have I got to lose? Let’s have a bit of a play and see if it fits around my life. Then to watch it bring out the best in someone, with our support and guidance to meet their exciting goals!  it’s so rewarding. 

Cheering her on 

Deanna and the SA Legends celebrating their huge win.  

You did Nutrimetics while working a full-time job all those years ago. What do you say to people who are thinking about trying Nutrimetics as a side-gig?  

Peggy persuaded me originally by literally showing me what I could earn having my own Nutrimetics Beauty business. I was a mum of two children, I worked full time and I went to school one night. I had three hours a week to spare. She showed me what I could achieve in those three hours, and then I magically discovered I could fit in more than three hours per week  as I could see so many benefits to organising my time more efficiently. 

My other objections were I didn’t have the confidence and I was a bit antisocial. She convinced me I only needed to get one person on board and that seemed doable. I explained to everyone I met, I’m doing this because I wanted to leave work and my earning capacity was far greater with Nutrimetics. I wanted more freedom to be around my children. The next thing I knew, we were breaking records in sponsoring, sales, and team development, and my vision to leave work had come true. In no time, I was going to Hawaii for free and I had a new car. The building of that momentum was electric and that’s what we want to achieve today.

There’s a real opportunity for people to supplement their income now when they need it more than ever in times of interest hikes and rental crises. Remember, our products are what people need and use every day – from biodegradable cleaning, inner health boosters and looking after our skin. It’s important to dig deep, and acquaint yourself with a new joiners’ needs, follow up and build the relationship. It could one day be your best Manager.

And finally, ‘NO’ at times is a natural response. I look at it that I need to provide more information to the client so she can make her decision comfortably. Be well prepared to ask relevant questions and cover her objections adequately. It’s a great opportunity to relate well to your client. Sincerely figure out how you can offer options and suggestions that will be helpful for her to get closer to making the right decision. She too, can build her personal dream goal. 

“Open up to the potential that’s been dormant inside you. Set big goal for yourself that will shock you and you will discover who you really are.” 

What were your key takeaways from conference?  

I loved every beauty business speaker. They all went back to our original success formula while maintaining the spirit that we’re free entrepreneurs and can choose how we do things. Rebecca Cullen was incredible and I loved her tips for time management. She uses her time in a highly focused way and analyses what can be done better next time. Sonia Gordon talked reality too – it’s all about treatments and making sure the numbers are in the diary.  

Deanna 1

 Deanna celebrating on awards night with husband, Michael Purza. 

Who would you like to thank?   

Every single Manager and Consultant in my beauty business, the SA Legends, plays a huge role in the scheme of things. Together we are a team and each of us bring heart, soul and passion to that team. I thank each of them Lina Winship, Mimi Carbone, Janet King, Sonya Fava, Effie Szalai, Liz Pereira, Sharon Wiese, Maria Condina, Maria Mastrullo, Margaret Morgan, Leanne Thiele, Franca Martino, Tania Jones and their teams. I love each of them for who they are and what they contribute to our team. A big thank you to Senior Regional Sales Manager Nicki Katsoulis. A legend herself, we absolutely love working with her and Linda Konestabo our National Sales and Marketing Director.

They always want Nutri people to get the best and receive the best. It’s inspiring. Everyone at HQ is so talented and contributes to a team environment so a big thanks to them. Thanks also to all the other achievers too, it demonstrates whatever dream you have, you can have it. And our Consultants most of all – we only exist because of them. Of course we must always appreciate our clients, and be proud that they have chosen us to serve them. Finally, I would like to thank our previous Queen, Louise Buechner, a legend herself. I really appreciate her caring and sharing attitude and she’s a great example for all of us.   

Anything else you’d love to tell us?  

We need to invite new people in to see, understand, and experience our success story, no matter who they are. To increase our connection with our clients and our public on the whole, as it’s a wonderful opportunity for this moment in time. We have the chance to spread inspiration, opportunity and respect. I want us to shout from the rafters about the wonderful thing we have here as a matter of urgency. There are so many people we can support in sharing our beautiful products and opportunities. Also, growing their business confidence, inspiration, and providing a sense of financial security.

Just ask yourself, how can I set myself a goal that I have secretly always desired, but might have hesitated? Then set about achieving that special dream goal that will shock and surprise you! Then chunk it down, and chunk by chunk with the help and support of your mentor, work it! It’s the only way you will open up to the potential that’s been dormant inside you. In setting that big goal for yourself that will excite and shock you at the same time, you will discover that you have hidden talents you are seeing for the first time, and this is who you really are!   

Big dreams are for everyone, not just for the very few. 


Want to make your dreams all come true, just like Deanna did? Learn more about joining Nutrimetics here. 

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