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How To Become a Nutrimetics Consultant 2024

Discover the path to empowerment by becoming a Nutrimetics Beauty Consultant. Join a community of confidence, freedom, and fun today. Join in mins.

Becoming a Nutrimetics Consultant has never been easier if you’re thinking about starting a side gig this year. Nutrimetics has been keeping it natural since 1968. Whether you’re new to the name or have grown up with the brand, we are excited to welcome you!

Becoming a Nutrimetics Consultant means having the flexibility to build your beauty business on your own schedule. From home or on-the-go, part-time or full-time – as a Nutrimetics Consultant, you are your own boss with the bonus of having access to incredible benefits and extras including free products, discounts, rewards, and commission.

If you are passionate about skincare and want to help others find products to make themselves feel more confident and beautiful, chat with a Nutrimetics Consultant today and take the first step toward your new journey.

After chatting with a Nutrimetics Consultant, you will be given access to a number of resources such as content, free benefits for products, a free personalised website to promote your beauty products, ready-made social media content and templates to share on your online platforms, and your own Beauty Consultant and Mentor to support you every step of the way!

There’s no better time to empower your life with Nutrimetics.

How to attract new skincare customers

We make it easy and fun to sell your Nutrimetics products by providing you with a beauty mentor and resources to guide you on how to start attracting new clients.

For most of our Nutrimetics Consultants, their first skincare customers are their immediate friends and family. By starting small and tapping into your immediate social circle, you can practise your sales techniques and get to know your Nutrimetics products and their benefits. You’ll gain confidence as you go, and soon find yourself expanding.

Finding customers has never been easier with products that are so good they practically sell themselves! As a Nutrimetics Consultant, all you need to do is share the love. Host a Treatment or Workshop event, gift a friend, and market your Nutrimetics products online to start boosting your beauty business.

How to market your Nutrimetics products as a Nutrimetics Beauty Consultant

One of the best parts about becoming a Nutrimetics Consultant is that you get to choose to market and sell your products however you see fit and are comfortable.

For some, this may be through hosting Nutrimetics parties and workshops, for others, it may be through beauty influencing on social media, or making use of your free personal website and sharing products, tips, and brochures virtually.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to boost your Nutrimetics business and grow your customer base. Email marketing allows you to reach your existing clients and potential customers to inform them of new products, discounts, and events.

You can collect email addresses through sign-up forms on your website, social media platforms, events, or through purchases. Plus, Nutrimetics provides you with ready-made emails each month you can share. Use your Nutri-Mail newsletter by aiming to forward on the newsletter to your subscribers at least once a month.


Hosting a Nutrimetics Treatment event or Workshop is one of the most popular ways to market your new beauty business! Simply send an invitation to your friends and family, set up your table with your favourite products alongside samples, brochures, and order forms, and have fun! You can provide goodie bags, do product demonstrations, play games, and provide snacks & refreshments for a successful Nutrimetics event!


Market your Nutrimetics business easily online by posting to your chosen online platform regularly with product reviews. Reviews are an opportunity to publicly share what you and your customers love about Nutrimetics products. Use captivating visuals, before-and-after comparisons, and engaging content formats to amplify the impact of these reviews. Display your product reviews on your website, social media groups and newsletters to build trust and attract potential customers.

Social media

Facebook is the perfect tool to share your passion for all things beauty and Nutrimetics! Social media platforms like Facebook will help you to connect with potential customers and increase awareness about our brand – all while boosting leads and sales. The more you post fun, quality content, the higher your chances of attracting customers within your network. You can create your own Facebook Group where you can send invitations, share new products, host giveaways, answer customer questions and directly engage with your Nutrimetics community.

Instagram is a great platform for visual storytelling and showcasing the Nutrimetics lifestyle. Share your products, create reels, and use hashtags to relate your posts, themes, and conversations. You can also utilise Instagram to host giveaways, cross-promote, and source inspiration from other beauty influencers and brands.

YouTube offers several marketing advantages for Nutrimetics Consultants to build a robust online presence within the beauty industry. You can use YouTube to vlog your product demonstrations, record tutorials, provide behind-the-scenes insights into your party planning and hosting, and create fun video demonstrations to reach new customers outside of your network.

Promotion on your Consultant schedule

You can use the above marketing avenues to share your Nutrimetics business anytime, anywhere. Social media posts don’t have to take up too much of your time, either. We suggest posting at least 3 times a week to remain consistent, though the frequency at which you market your business depends entirely on your unique schedule! To start with, consider posting:

  • When you launch your business
  • During new product launches
  • When you’re using your products
  • During sales and Hostess rewards periods
  • In your monthly customer email newsletter
  • During a Nutrimetics party or workshop
  • When you attend a Nutrimetics event
  • When you meet a prospective Hostess

Your Nutrimetics community is here to help you market your business as a new Nutrimetics Consultant. Use your free Nutrimetics digital suite by logging into your N-Central account and navigating to the N-Social tab. Here you’ll find everything you need to market your products online including selling and training tools and product brochures.

Meet our Consultant Success Stories!

For more than 50 years, we’ve supported over 1.5 million individuals in achieving success that harmonises with their lifestyle. Read the following testimonials to understand why Nutrimetics could transform your life too.

Meet Jen

“'I went from struggling to pay my rent to being able to pay my bills effortlessly. Now I’m living on my own with my adorable fur baby Cookie and buying myself beautiful designer clothes. I will now have the income to buy my first home.”
Liz Testa
Sales Director, QLD

Meet Zoe

“'I run Nutrimetics easily online by creating a Facebook group for customers, family and friends. I post 3-5 times per week with tips, photos and product reviews. Be you, be authentic and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”
Adam Buechner
Sales Director, QLD

Contact us to become a Nutrimetics Beauty Consultant

Becoming a Nutrimetics Consultant isn’t just about selling beauty products. It’s about empowering yourself to become your most confident self. From achieving financial stability to helping others reach their full potential, as a Nutrimetics Consultant, you are on your way to embarking on a journey of joy, freedom, success and fun.

Joining Nutrimetics as a Beauty Consultant opens doors to limitless opportunities. It gives you the flexibility to earn as much as you need or choose and to engage with an uplifting and supportive community. Additionally, you gain access to a pioneering brand that harnesses the power of naturally enriched ingredients, dedicated to holistic transformation from the inside out.

Embrace the chance to redefine success on your terms and to share your passion for beauty. Join Nutrimetics today.

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