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How to find the right fragrance for your home

Fragrance makes a real statement about your living space. Your home’s aroma leaves a big impression and says everything about who you are.

Fragrance makes a real statement about your living space. Your home’s aroma leaves a big impression and says everything about who you are. We think it’s just as important as your décor. Plus, with more of us working from home than ever before, scenting can have a huge impact your mood, too.

Home fragrance today is highly sophisticated and big business. According to Newswire, the home fragrance market is expected to grow to $9.2 billion in 2026. Scent today goes way behind masking odours, with elegant designs for display to take center-stage in your living spaces. Not forgetting practicality, as we can experience ‘nose blindness’, where regular smells from pets and cooking fade into the background so odours become undetectable. This is why home fragrance is so important to enhance your lifestyle.

Candles, diffusers or sprays

Which fragrance is best for you?

Candles, diffusers or sprays

Fragranced candles

Candles will always be loved because not only do they emanate aromas beautifully, they give lovely ambiance and a warm glow for your cosiest, comfiest setting. Our NEW Rosewood & Vanilla Crystal Wellness Scented Candle will bring feelings of happiness to your home with a beautiful wood wick candle and an added Green Fluorite Crystal to promote calmness. Why not try burning your candle for between 2 to 4 hours per room? This gives a subtle scent that lingers for longer in the best possible way.

Candles are perfect for creating a cozy haven

Fragranced diffusers

Fragrance diffusers are both beautiful to look at and long lasting. They usually come in glass decanters and the oils absorb into the reeds, ascending right to the tip, keeping your home perfectly scented for weeks. They safely scent any space without a naked flame. We recommend NEW Rosewood & Vanilla Fragrance Diffuser. It holds four reeds, two Sola Flowers, plus one Reed Ball for lasting fragrance. The fragrance also lasts for two whole months – just make sure you rotate the reeds weekly to keep the aromas free-flowing.

Fragrance diffuser

Fragrance sprays

If you’re looking for an even faster fragrance fix, reach for a pillow spray, linen spray or a room spray. While the scent dissipates pretty quickly after spritzing, they’re perfect for quick odour fixes and as an instant pick me up. You can calm both the body and mind for a good night’s sleep with Nutrimetics Wellness Calming Pillow Spray. Made with Natural Essential Oils, it brings peace and tranquility to your bedroom to help you drift off into a peaceful deep sleep. We recommend spraying your pillow every evening to create a mind-body connection that links the fragrance to the experience of feeling sleepy.

Nutrimetics Wellness Calming Pillow Spray

The ‘scent-scaping’ trend

Lockdowns led us all to think about zoning areas into work, rest and play. ‘Scent-scaping’ is an ideal way to channel the mood you need at the laptop, to relax and unwind, to entertain or even to energise and exercise. You can use scent to help you switch between work, family and leisure time, so why not try a different scent for each room? Or matching candles and diffusers also keep a consistency if you prefer to give your home a signature, overarching fragrance. We recommend our beautiful Candle and Diffuser Duo to create your own haven and invigorate multiple rooms in your home.

Make it scent-sational

Here’s how to choose the right fragrance notes for each room in your home.

  • Entrance or front door
    Choose warm notes
    Have a candle or diffuser that smells inviting, like something with Vanilla is always a winner to draw people in and make them feel welcome.
  • Kitchen
    Choose Citrus notes
    Citrus notes are great for keeping things feeling clean, bright and fresh, with the added benefit of neutralising cooking odours. Avoid picking overly sweet scents that can clash with whatever’s on the menu.
  • Living room
    Choose Woody notes
    Fragrance is all about creating special moments together – and the lounge will always be the hub of your home. Cosy, woody notes like Cedarwood evoke relaxation and invite people to wind down. The area of the brain that recognises scent is part of the limbic system and in charge of memory and feelings, which explains why certain notes may take you back to childhood. So choose warm, woody fragrance notes that made you feel at home when you were younger.

Create ambience with Nutriemtics home fragrance

Cedarwood base notes can create that homely, welcoming ambiance.  

Choose floral notes
Who doesn’t love a bathroom with a spa feel? The Essential Oils most used in spas include Lavender, Citrus, Rosemary, Bergamot, Lemon, Orange and Eucalyptus. Choose any of these to make your space feel zen and peaceful.

Diffusers are perfect for a sweet fragrance bathroom

Rosewood notes can give your bathroom spa-like vibes. 

Choose calming notes
Lavender can help to ease sleep disturbances. If you have trouble falling asleep, there are many scents promote quality sleep. Lavender is the most well-known and researched of them all, known to promote a slower heart rate to help you relax. For ultimate restfulness, we recommend our Lavendar infused pillow spray, which also uses Chamomile, known for its stress-relieving and sleep-enhancing benefits.

Lavender is believed to help increase relaxation

Which fragrance notes are right for you?

Do you have sleep issues, struggle to stay motivated, or find it difficult to relax? The right home fragrance will make all the difference. When choosing your home fragrance, what mood-boosting benefits would you like to experience? For example, if you’re looking for stress relief, Lavender is believed to help increase relaxation, so try Nutrimetics Wellness Calming Pillow Spray. The Vanilla notes in our Candle and Diffuser duo are perfect if you’re feeling a little low. Soft warm Vanilla notes elevate the mood and promote a general sense of wellbeing. Home scenting can also be a great way to mark the change in seasons, which is why Cinnamon notes are always so popular at Christmas. Our Rosewood & Vanilla Fragrance Duo also has Citrus top notes, which are perfect if you need a morning pick-me-up.


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