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The power of women

Believe in your own beauty.

This month is International Women’s Day, a day that celebrates women’s achievements. Since 1968, Nutrimetics has empowered thousands of women to earn income on their own terms. Nutrimetics has always refused to let people minimise the potential of women.

That’s why we’re celebrating our sisterhood with our beautiful Consultants. These ladies have been using (and sharing) Nutrimetics’ naturally enriched beauty or decades. They are dreamers, risk takers and game changers. Resourceful, determined and resilient, they are proof that when we come together as women, we are far more powerful than we know.

Tammy Williams loves being her own boss

Tammy Williams Executive Sales Manager, NSW

‘I have no sisters and no mum, so the women of Nutrimetics are very special to me. I love helping other women to reach their full potential.’

F or the last 18 years, Nutrimetics has given me the flexibility to do life, my way. The incredible women I’ve met have become my chosen family. As a company, we are all inspired to become better versions of ourselves. Nutrimetics really allows women to be their best. It’s so lovely to see happy customers who feel more confident when they see great results in the mirror. With the opportunity, there are no rules. You get to decide who you want to be and how far you’ll go. The last 18 years have made me an independent business owner with a fantastic lifestyle. I would never be able to achieve all that I have, working for an employer.

My job pre-Nutrimetics was working as a Customer Service Manager in a large corporation. The deadlines, the difficult customers, being accountable for other people’s mistakes, the wage limit and restricted holiday days, plus no pay for overtime. Being stuck at a desk, you’re never allowed to blossom. Now I’m in charge of my own schedule and my time isn’t governed by someone else. You still have to be motivated and passionate, but you’re the boss and there’s such freedom in that. No job would’ve given me the career path Nutrimetics has. Cars with free rego, insurance and maintenance, more jewellery than I can wear, overseas trips and best of all, the friendships that have came into my life and stayed for decades. I have no sisters and no mum, so the women of Nutrimetics are so special to me. I love helping other women to reach their full potential.

Julie Diamond loves running a business with her daughter

Julie Diamond Sales Director, NSW

‘Imelda Roche, Nutrimetics founder made me realise that anything and everything was possible. Ordinary women doing extraordinary things. This resonated with me.’ 

Years ago, the woman that truly inspired me was Nutrimetics Founder, Imelda Roche. As a mother of four, she was a pioneer for women in Direct Sales not only in Australia but worldwide. Imelda made me realise that anything and everything was possible. Ordinary women doing extraordinary things. I was a young mum and this resonated with me. Because of her, I started my own journey with Nutrimetics and built a million dollar business. My business has enabled me to live life to the fullest and most importantly to provide for my family. I get to drive a beautiful BMW with registration and insurance all paid for! The savings to my family are enormous. And If I want to give myself a pay rise, I can always just do a couple of extra online workshops.

Nutrimetics gives you the choice to be independent, no matter what your background. Because Nutrimetics is a people-centered business, it means I can pass that legacy onto other women. So much so that my own daughter started her Nutrimetics journey at the age of 23. We now work together and our mission is to support others achieve their own goals and dreams, however big or small. I love that Nutrimetics has given that to me. Nutrimetics truly is a sisterhood. Times have been challenging for everyone lately, but we really are women who lift each other up.

Zoe Diamond loves making extra money from Instagram

Zoe Diamond Executive Sales Manager, NSW

‘Nutrimetics has really helped me with my self-confidence. I can own and run my own business, lead a team, help develop others and stay true to myself.’ 

Seeing my mum be a full time parent with a rewarding career inspired me. My mum has been in the business for almost 30 years and has maintained her Sales Directorship for over 25 years, which I find so motivating! I love that my mum has truly embraced Nutrimetics as a business and as a lifestyle. Nutrimetics has really helped me with my self-confidence in terms of being able to own and run my own business, lead a team, help develop others and stay true to myself.

I love empowering others and the beauty of Nutrimetics is that I get to do that without ever being held back or restricted. The flexibility that comes with Nutrimetics is truly amazing and I am thankful for that every day! I get to work my business around my life and not the other way round. Plus, Nutrimetics is such a unique environment where the women are so close. When things go wrong in my life, it’s the women of Nutrimetics who are there.


Tresha Dohmen loves that her family has choices

Tresha Dohmen Executive Sales Manager, NSW

‘It’s when we pull together and live the Nutrimetics philosophy of ‘women helping other women’ that this job feels most uplifting.’ 

I ’ve been on this journey for 22 years and so many people have inspired me and continue to do so, every day. It’s always so rewarding to see women overcoming fears and stepping out of their comfort zones. All those years ago, my best friend and upline Belinda Thompson believed in me from the first day she met me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. She found something in me that I never knew I had. Today, thanks to Nutrimetics, I’m a totally different person. I can motivate a room full of people and make them laugh, too.

Nutrimetics empowers my life through acts of kindness and generosity. 12 months ago, my family lost their home in the bush fires on the South Coast. We came together as a company and organised a fundraising event. Everyone got on board to help out and donate. We heard stories of how the fires had affected women and all that they had lost. We gave them facials and pampered them with free products. The impact this had was so healing. We brought some much needed relief in traumatic times. It’s when we pull together and live the Nutrimetics philosophy of ‘women helping other women’ that this job feels most uplifting.

Nutrimetics has instilled in me a ‘can-do’ attitude that I’ve passed on to my son. I love that together we share ideas and we cheer for everyone. Mostly, Nutrimetics has allowed for me and my family to have choices. The flexible hours have meant I could drive my son to school, every day. I had never been overseas before Nutrimetics. I feel so privileged to have achieved eight new company cars and to have traveled the world with my husband, Michael. He’s supported me on my journey since day one. I have earned 18 overseas seminars in total and he’s been by my side for almost every one.

Caroline Agius found lifelong friendship

Caroline Agius Executive Sales Manager, NSW

 ‘I went through breast cancer 10 years ago. It was the positivity of the women of Nutrimetics that got me through.’

I joined Nutrimetics as a teenager 38 years ago, and I still love it to this day! 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the positivity of my friends, the women of Nutrimetics that helped to get me through that time. Besides the friendships, I also love the trips. Especially when my husband travels with me, all expenses paid thanks to Nutrimetics. We were lucky enough to spend our 25th wedding anniversary in Cape Town South Africa with our Nutrimetics family. That’s just one of the many trips we will never forget.

Nutrimetics has definitely taught me the skills I need deal with the many different people I meet through life, to work confidently building my business and to move forward with a positive attitude. I feel so lucky that my life crossed paths with a Nutrimetics Consultant all those years ago. I do what I do consistently, so I have been blessed to have a hobby turn into a business, all while it still feels fun.

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