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Bright young leaders, Adam Buechner

Young, creative and ambitious. Meet the rising stars who are elevating right to the top of the Nutrimetics ladder.

Adam Buechner, Nutrimetics Consultant and Executive Sales Director, Queensland

Young, creative, ambitious. Meet Adam Buechner, a Nutriemtics Consultant and rising stars who are elevating right to the top of the Nutrimetics ladder. The future is anything you want it to be.

“Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery and I promise you, something great will come of it.” Benjamin Mee

Adam and Louise celebrating their success

What does it feel like to achieve Executive Sales Director?

I feel truly blessed, grateful, focused and inspired. My goal is to challenge the status quo and have lots of fun along the way. I believe we have to stay competitive and consistently look for new and better ways of doing business, leading, inspiring and adding value to our customers and Consultants. I’m most looking forward to continuing to celebrate the success of each Leader, Manager and Director in the team.

What’s the most exciting thing about your new rewards?

I took my NEW Mercedes GLE 300d for a test drive and felt like I was stepping into the shoes of a celebrity. As a 30 year old, having the opportunity to drive this car is beyond. I’m so grateful to this amazing company. The $15,000 bonus will make a substantial addition towards saving for my first property. I’ve been researching apartments in Coolum Beach and visualising purchasing my first property. I’m so passionate about this goal. Celebrating this achievement with my team, family and friends is so exciting.

In November, we celebrated at the Calile Boutique Hotel on a Sunday afternoon in Brisbane. It felt like a reality TV Episode, without the drama. For my designer jewellery piece, I have chosen a Bvlgari 18k Rose Gold Ring that draws its inspiration of the Colosseum. It’s definitely a WOW piece of jewellery. I will treasure it forever to remind me of this special achievement. I’m so looking forward to flying to Sydney for a celebration dinner with Linda, Peter, Nicki and my mum Louise Buechner at Café Sydney. The rewards accompanying this elevation are breathtaking and I feel honoured.

Earn luxe jewellery as a Nutrimetics consultant

How hands-on do you think you’ll have to be at this level?

I see my role as leading by example. I love booking beauty workshops and doing facials and make-up both in person and online. I’m passionate about sponsoring and giving others the opportunity to have a career that’s fun, exciting and rewarding. Selling to me is helping people with their skin, advising people on choosing colours and teaching the latest make-up techniques. I subscribe to Byrdie Beauty, Allure and Vogue online to keep up to date.

Training is an essential part of our business and I love to learn and teach my team. I love Business Chicks, podcasts, books and an advanced coaching course I completed with Francois Alizart was life-changing. I’ve booked in for the Tony Robbins ‘Unleash The Power Within’ experience in September 2021. I envision myself continuing to share the gift of Nutrimetics with each person I meet, supporting our incredible team and improving my skills each month and each year.

You’re the first Executive Sales Director in three years! What do you think you and your team are doing differently?

We have a team of dynamic champions. The key to building a Nutrimetics business quickly is through sponsoring. We share our remarkable products and career path with everyone. The three areas that we focus on most are:

  1. Raising sponsoring expectations, both personally and group sponsoring. (Invite people to join Nutrimetics).
  2. Following the Rewards Programme. I believe every Consultant who joins can achieve the $500 Sales Level (Reward three) and then refer five friends. This rewards them with the products to show and share with others. The excitement leads to the next step – Group Leader. Keep following the career path.
  3. Weekly training and coaching provides new Consultants with the skills and knowledge to grow and to achieve their goals and dreams.

Nutrimetics Consultant earns massive rewards

Any tips for Managers specifically who want to step up?

Sponsor, Sponsor, Sponsor! Our Joining Kit is the most incredible gift we can share with someone. Raise your sponsoring expectations and support each new Consultant to achieve the ‘refer five friends’ rewards.

Advice for guys who are interested in becoming a Nutrimetics Consultant?

Nutrimetics for me is about helping people look and feel beautiful and giving everyone an opportunity to build an amazing business and have a career that brings joy. Max Factor, Eugene Rimmel and Napoleon Perdis. There are so many incredible male beauty entrepreneurs. There is such opportunity for guys to join Nutrimetics and create an incredible business. Go for it and do it for the boys!

Nutrimetics Consultants glow with her team of glow getters

Anything else you’d love to tell us?

This achievement wouldn’t be possible without the support of Nutrimetics HQ, our amazing team of Consultants, Leaders, Managers, my new Sales Director Liz, friends and family. Linda, Peter, Nicki, Ashlee, Jane, Emma S, Angela, Emma A and the team. Thank you for your exceptional support and for believing in me. Liz, Angela, Stacey, Nicole, Sharyn, Donna, Leah, Lyn, Mel, Val, Norma, Carima, Mary and Trish; you are a dynamic, passionate, energetic team of champions and I thank you with all my heart. I am doing life with each of you!

Thank you to my friends Dani, Tiarne, Alex, Jasmine, Kristy, Dean, Taran, Lucy, Jess, Jody, Debbie and Alicia. Thank you for supporting my journey and for all of your love and encouragement. To my family, my mum Louise, my dad Michael, Susan, Rick, Renae, Renate and Martin. You taught me that with commitment, focus, determination, tenacity and resilience, I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. I love you!

The future can be anything you want it to be. Become a Nutrimetics Consultant. Find out how to get started here. 

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