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Bright young leaders, Danielle Daly

Young, creative and ambitious. Meet the rising stars who are elevating right to the top of the Nutrimetics ladder.

Danielle Daly, NEW Sales Director, Queensland

“Tell yourself you can have it all. You are worthy, you are capable, you can do it. Just take one small step to start.”

Get more time with the people you love with Nutrimetics

What does it feel like to be Sales Director?

It still doesn’t feel real. This has been a goal of mine for at least the past five years. I think for me what I’m most excited about is the growth of the team. I love working with my Mangers and I’m constantly inspired by their ideas and excitement. This kind of energy on a big scale is just so exciting. I just want to help these girls to continue to grow and move forward. There are also some great added perks that come with elevating to Sales Director (haha, I’m not going to lie!)


What’s the most exciting thing about your new rewards?

As a Director you get a BMW, which I didn’t take as we need the car we have to tow our caravan for holidays. But I’m definitely looking forward to the extra $900 per month for my ‘cash for car’ bonus. I’ll be putting my bonus towards my new Nutri Beauty studio (watch this space guys!) I forgot about the diamond ring until someone reminded me last week, so I’m excited for that, too! How are you planning on celebrating your elevation? My family are super proud! I have an extended circle of parents who are all super excited to celebrate. We’re organising a celebration dinner within the team, I have some surprises for them. This was and is a team effort!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork with Nutrimetics

Do you envision yourself working harder now you’re a Sales Director?

For a long time, I was holding onto limiting beliefs about becoming a Sales Director. I thought I would need to work harder or put more time into the business, be out more – all the things that I was limited to do because I have two young girls. I definitely work and I am consistent, you need to treat your business and your role seriously and be organised, have a plan. However, everything in this business happens with excitement. The more excited your team are, the quicker things are going to happen. In terms of hours of work, I’ll just continue to do what I’ve been doing which includes nurturing my relationships with my Managers, because they are like family.

Any tips for Managers specifically who want to step up?

Obviously sponsoring in big numbers is a big one. The more people coming into your team, the better your chances of finding people who want what you’ve got. I actually very rarely even talk about our ‘opportunity’, I simply offer the VIP account to everyone (because it’s the best way to get all your beauty needs) and then show them how to use it. This one is important, showing them how to use their account – monkey see, monkey do.

Make new friends for life with Nutrimetics

Advice for mums who dream of having their own beauty empire?

You can have it all. It’s a mindset thing. Tell yourself you can have it all. You are worthy, you are capable, you can do it. Just take one small step to start. I have two daughters, Mia is only two and is not yet in day care, she is with me 24/7. My only child-free day is a Thursday and I spend Thursdays at college getting my Diploma in Beauty Therapy. My husband works full time and we are renovating. I have everything going on and still manage to find the time to run my business. It’s not how much time we have but how we spend it that counts.

How do you think you’ve changed and grown as a person from way back when you were a Consultant?

Wow, a lot! I was so super shy and anxious and not very confident. I see myself in every new unsure Consultant who joins my team. Anything new is scary. Stepping out of our comfort zones is scary. But, if we don’t take a leap of faith, if we don’t push ourselves to do new things we won’t experience the magic. Every time you say yes to the unknown, yes to stepping out of your comfort zone – you grow, little by little without even knowing it.

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Anything else you’d love to share about your amazing journey?

This was and still is a team effort. I want to say thank you to every single member of the Nutri Beauty community, every single lipstick order made a difference. You are all appreciated. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, inspired me and been there for me, in good times and not so good times. This company is amazing. The best thing I ever did was join Nutrimetics. I’m serious, I say that over becoming a Mum, because Nutrimetics has allowed me to become and be a Mum at home with my babies every single day of their lives (well, nearly, except for a few overseas seminars that they missed out on). More than anything I am very grateful for the friendships I have made along the way and over the years. My heart is very full.


Danielle is proof positive that the future can be anything you want it to be when you become a Nutrimetics Consultant. Find out how to get started here.

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