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How to mix & layer skincare concentrates

Concentrates are an instant fix for your complexion.

The perfect skincare routine should have a pH balancing cleanser, a re-invigorating toner, a powerful serum, a day and night time moisturiser and a potent eye cream. But beyond the basic staples, there are extra ways to supercharge your results and hone in on specific skin concerns— and that’s where concentrates come in.

Concentrates give you the highest dosage of active ingredients in skincare, so you can personalise your routine in a way that works just for you. Concentrates are also loved by facialists and aestheticians because they deliver results immediately, giving your regimen an extra boost. They are perfect for use in prep for a event big event like a wedding. Plus they can also be used every day to target problem areas, allowing you to customise your results. Because of the small but potent size they can be easily worked into any regime – plus they’re the perfect size for packing in your suitcase.

Supercharge skin with a trio of concentrates

Concentrates supercharge your skincare results.

So what is a concentrate and why do I need it?

Concentrates have a high level of actives and beneficial ingredients to target specific problems and concerns like stress, discolouration and redness. They are lightweight and fast absorbing and you can use them daily, or as an intensive treatment over a few weeks. Concentrates can do wonders for your skin. They’re all about optimising your skincare with the most potent ingredients.

Is a concentrate the same as a booster?

They are very similar. Both infuse your complexion with high doses of active ingredients. Both can come in the form of drops and usually have a thin, serum-like texture. Boosters and concentrates usually contain a high concentration of a single ingredient to target skin problems like pigmentation and stress. Our Platinum Concentrates are highly concentrated and designed to be mixed with a hydrating base to provide your skin with more powerful visible results. Each vial contains a precision dose of ingredients to visibly renew and transform. Just add one or more of these concentrates to your regime for exceptional results.

How are concentrates different from serums?

Serums are usually lightweight with a high concentration of active ingredients that are specific to a certain skin concern. Concentrates are similar but contain an even higher concentrated dosage of active ingredients designed to be mixed with a base to deliver actives into your skin.

Learn how to mix your concentrates here. 


How do I choose the concentrate that’s right for me?

Our new Platinum Super Concentrates target three of skincare’s biggest skin concerns; loss of firmness, pigmentation and congestion. Each vial amplifies your ‘best skin’ with a precision dosage of award-winning active ingredients known to brighten, firm and clarify. They’re suitable for all skin types and ages and will give you visible results right away. We’ve made them simple, so you can slot them into your routine effortlessly. Pick one, two or all three – it’s up to you. We recommend you use all three concentrates individually and consecutively for total transformation, or choose one and focus on a single problem.

Choose Platinum Detox Concentrate for enlarged pores and skin purification.

Detox concentrate for congestion

Or try Platinum Anti-Pigmentation Concentrate for immediate targeting of dark spots.

Anti-pigmentation concentrate for discolouration

Platinum Firming Concentrate addresses loss of volume and creping skin.

Firming concentrate for skin sagging

How do I apply them? 

The concentrates are designed to be mixed with a hydrating carrier for best results. Use Moisturising System OR Aqua Booster to create the perfect hydrating base to optimise delivery of ingredients to your skin. Simply mix and use in place of your regular serum. Both of these hydrators also give enhanced moisturisation benefits.

Can I use the Platinum Concentrates alone without mixing?

We don’t recommend applying the concentrates directly to skin without mixing first. The ingredients are very potent and formulated with the maximum percentage dosage. Our lab testing shows for best results the concentrates need a carrier to penetrate deeper into the skin for better absorption. We recommend mixing with Aqua Supply Booster or Moisturising System as instructed.

Are concentrates safe to use with ingredients like Retinol, Vitamin B (Niacinamide) and Vitamin C?

Yes, all three concentrates are safe to use with all active ingredients. As always, we recommend patch testing before use.

Learn how and why concentrates are so effective. 


Can I mix Ultra Care+ Platinum Concentrates with other serums and moisturisers?

Ideally we recommend for the concentrates to be used in conjunction with Aqua Supply Booster or Moisturising System, as these products have been tested and proven to give the optimal performance and absorption. They create the perfect base to mix the concentrates, while delivering extra hydration benefits to skin.

Do I still use my regular serum as part of my routine?

We recommend you use the concentrate in place of your serum. Once you have finished your course of concentrate you can resume using your serum as normal.

Are the Platinum Concentrates safe to use on sensitive skin or eczema?

Yes the concentrates are safe to use on sensitive skin. However, we always recommend patch testing first before beginning any new skincare treatment.

Are they vegan friendly?

Like all Nutrimetics products, they are not tested on animals. The concentrates are also vegan friendly and free from any animal derived ingredients. We comply with high quality and safety standards and our products are dermatologically tested.

If I want to use the Detox, Firming and Pigmentation Concentrates together, which order do I apply them?

First, never apply all three concentrates to the skin at the same time. The ingredients are highly active and may cause skin to react. If using individually, use each concentrate for two-four weeks before moving onto the next concentrate. If using the three concentrates for four weeks each, you could repeat this as an intensive treatment a few times a year, such as at the change of seasons. Or customise to your key skincare concern. For example continue to use the Anti-Pigmentation concentrate if you would like to target pigmentation and discolouration for another month.


Choose one, or choose all three for exceptional results.

What happens if I don’t use up the concentrate within 2-4 weeks?

As a skincare treatment, you can use one concentrate for two to four weeks if you choose to. You can continue with your usual skincare regime. Then another month or so later, you can do another treatment of a specific concentrate of your choice.

How soon will I see results?

According to the consumer trials and consultant testing, more than 70% applicants noticed results after 2 weeks, with optimal results after 4 weeks of use.

Curious about trying concentrates? Contact your Consultant for a skincare consultation. 

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