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Your holiday packing travel checklist

Win at packing with our skincare and beauty suitcase essentials.

Travel and adventure calling? Forget excess baggage charges on your next trip. To celebrate the launch of Platinum minis, we’ve narrowed down the Nutrimetics favourites destined for your suitcase. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, the sand, or the city, these packing lists will have you prepared to fix holiday skin freak outs, protect skin, combat hair frizz and much more. Packing has never been easier.  

Little luxuries for your next vacation  

Vacation or staycation, now you can pack extra light on any trip AND have your best skin ever with NEW Platinum Travel minis. This curated mini set brings together our most effective and powerful skincare formulas in convenient, travel-friendly sizes. They’re the perfect companion for wherever your holiday may take you and they’ll ensure your skin is smoother, plumper and rejuvenated – no matter the destination. You’ll glow naturally all trip long. 

Platinum minis

Platinum Travel Minis. Get a taste of Platinum for the first time, bring your advanced formulas on the go, or introduce someone special to truly transformational results.  


Travel destination Longhaul 

You need: Moisture, moisture, moisture

Dry, stale airplane air can wreak havoc on your skin, so make sure your carry-on is loaded with these in flight  essentials.

destination longhaul beauty

Save face with a face mask 

Who doesn’t love long distance adventuring? But aircraft cabins usually have an air humidity of less than 20%. That’s bad news for your skin. And the more hours you clock-up in the sky, the more dryness you can expect. Thankfully, with our most luxurious mask formula, it’s easy to put back in what the airmiles take out. Unlike sheet masks, Platinum Lift & Firm Power Masque is the subtle hydrating face masque you can wear on-board without looking like leave all complexions hydrated, softer and firmer. Apply a thin layer on board and either leave to absorb naturally, or tissue off on your next trip to the bathroom. It’s worth it for radiant glow come landing.  

Target flare-ups with a Normalising Crème  

The dry air onboard flights can also cause your skin to produce more sebum to rehydrate itself. This overproduction of oil can lead to pesky acne breakouts, which is definitely not the look you want for your Instagram holiday reel. NutriClear Normalising Crème works to normalise and balance oily skin, unclog large pores and help prevent pimples from re-appearing thanks to Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. As a bonus, it also soothes sunburn and tropical insect bites too.  

Refresh mid-flight with a face mist  

If there’s one thing you definitely need in your carry-on bag it’s a toning face mist. It will keep your skin rehydrated all flight long so you look fresh faced when you land (plus it’s a subtler way to hydrate than a sheet mask). Restore PRO Toning Face Mist is jam packed with Antioxidants and Multi-Vitamin Complex to ‘plane-proof’ your complexion.  

On flight essentialspower-masque

Be prepared with these in-flight travel essentials.


Travel destination beach break

You need: Protection & perfection 

White sand. Crystal waters. Paradise is waiting for you. Don’t forget, packing for a magical beach vacation requires essential SPF heroes and glowy skin perfectors.  

Travel destination beach break

Safeguard skin with Sun Days 

We all know sunscreen is vital when it comes to protecting from the sun’s harmful UV rays and preventing premature ageing. Our Sun Days light, non-greasy formula for the face and body comes in a travel handy portable tube and a non-stick finish, so sand doesn’t cling to you. Make sure you re-apply every 90 minutes and after getting out of the water.  

Sunproof lips with a nourishing lip treatment  

Remember to pack a lip balm infused with SPF. Skin on the lips is thinner, so wear a lip balm with at least SPF 18, like Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment. This old faithful also contains hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E and Apricot Kernel Oil. The Apricot scent also makes it the perfect sunny day addition. And just like with regular Sun Days sunscreen, reapply regularly throughout the day.  

Keep skin poolside dewy with Perfecting Foundation  

We all want glowy, perfect skin in our holiday pics. But the combination of sweat and heavy full coverage foundations can be a breeding ground for bacteria, blemishes and cakey looking, overdone coverage. Choose lightweight tinted moisturisers and medium coverage formulas instead. Perfecting Foundation is infused with Hyaluronic Acid for that dewy skin look, plus it won’t sit heavily on pores. Its also humidity proof to enhance your ‘relaxed-poolside’ glow for longer.  

beach beauty essentials

Glow and stay safe with these beach beauty essentials. 

Travel destination cooler climates

You need: Nurture & repair formulas 

So you’re headed to the mountains, you’ve booked an epic camping or glamping adventure, or you’re skiing? Look your very best as you breathe in the fresh air and get back to nature.  

Travel destination cold climate

Choose balm nourishment in a tube  

Cooler climates call for thicker, emollient-rich formulas to nourish and replenish. Fight windburn and chill by slicking on a comforting layer of our miracle balm, Nutri-Rich Oil.  It’s available in the handiest pocket sized tube, so you can reapply anytime, on the go. The nourishing oil of 100 Apricots will be a welcome treat for tight, unhappy skin. This Vitamin E infused formula will also tackle dry patches on elbows, replenish tired mountain-weary feet, relieve dry cuticles and so much more.  

Fight redness with Comfort PLUS  

When temperatures drop, all skin types can become prone to both dryness and sensitivity. Freezing temperatures and harsh winds can leave skin red, dry, blotchy and irritated. Perfect before sleep, Comfort PLUS night crème works overnight to protect and strengthen the skin barrier. It helps reduce skin sensitivity and optimises skin tolerance with Banana Flower.  

Revive brittle hair with a repair mask   

High altitudes can play havoc on our hair too, leaving strands brittle, tangled and lifeless. Turn the hydration up a notch with Nutri-Rich Hair Masque. This mega infusion of Moringa and Crambe Seed Oil will rescue tresses in only 5 minutes. Detangle knots and bring back vitality, health, silkiness and shine in just one use. 

winter break beauty essentials


Travel destination city break

You need: pollution fighters and purifiers 

If a cool city break is marked on your travel card, up your Antioxidant intake with these magic skin detoxifiers. 

Travel destination city break

The anti-pollution solution  

Air pollution can cause a number of skin issues, from age spots and wrinkles to acne breakouts. Luckily there are advanced formulas that now protect skin from city damage caused by dust, dirt, and debris. Smart Shield is formulated with Multi-Defence Complex. It acts as a barrier to help protect skin against pollution, UV damage, signs of stress and ageing. 

Detoxify with Peptides  

Don’t leave for your weekend away without Platinum Detox Concentrate. It eliminates toxins with Perfection Peptide P7. Plus, it unblock pores, purifies and resets skin. And the best part is its only 10ml so you can easily pop it into your case without taking up any excess room.  

Lock in your look with setting spray  

Don’t let excess oil, traffic smog, all night dancing or the outdoor elements fade away your make-up look while enjoying your city escape. Set and perfect your colour with Professional Make-up Setting Mist. It sets make-up into place with Chamomile and Tapioca which both nourish skin and prevent it from melting or moving.

City-proof your skin with these skin protecting essentials. 

City break skincare essentials

Win at packing for your next trip and try NEW Platinum Travel Minis Set.

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