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How to Run a Competition on Social Media to Boost Your Sales

When done right, giveaway competitions on social media are a great way to engage with current and potential customers, increase your social media page’s fan base and followers, and of course – increase your sales.

If you haven’t offered a Nutrimetics giveaway yet, you might want to consider giving it a try!

When done right, giveaway competitions on social media are a great way to engage with current and potential customers, increase your social media page’s fan base and followers, and of course – increase your sales.

People love competitions – especially when they can win something for free – and as a Nutrimetics Consultant, you can tap into this excitement to boost awareness for your beauty business and foster a sense of community.

Ready? Here’s everything you need to know on how to run a competition on social media!

The purpose of a social media giveaway

When you first become a Nutrimetics Consultant, offering an online giveaway is a great way to build your customer base and social media following. It’s a way of thanking your current customers and introducing new customers to Nutrimetics.

Here are some of the ways promoting your giveaway through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. can benefit you:

  • Generates interest in your business/Nutrimetics products.
  • Shows your customers you appreciate them, building loyalty and trust.
  • Builds your followers and customer base.
  • Motivates customers to connect with you and increase brand visibility.
  • Motivates customers to buy from you.
  • Introduces customers to new, exciting Nutrimetics products.
  • Generates discussion, inviting more exposure to new customers.

Just imagine the positive feedback you will get from your customers if they can win a free Nutrimetics product by simply liking or commenting? Not to mention, running a social media competition is super easy and fun!

Social media competition ideas

There are so many ways to run a giveaway on social media. But to start, it’s a good idea to keep it fairly simple.

  1. Get people to follow your page, comment, or like your post, and then pick a random winner at a set date and time.
  2. Get creative by asking followers to tell you in 25 words or less why they deserve a free Nutrimetics product.
  3. Ask customers to tag a friend on your giveaway post to enter, and offer a free product for both.
  4. Incorporate hashtags in your giveaway. For example, ask followers to “use the hashtag #lovenutrimetics or #nutriresults” alongside a photo depicting their success story with Nutrimetics. Pick a winner.
  5. Request followers to submit their best Nutrimetics-inspired creations, whether it’s a skincare routine, makeup look, or a creative display of Nutrimetics products. Feature the submissions on your page and reward the most innovative or inspiring entry.

Understanding your objective is crucial before deciding on the format of your competition. Clarify your purpose – whether it’s aimed at expanding your social media reach, driving sales, or fostering loyalty among your current customers. This makes it easier to define your target audience and to tailor your competition toward them.


Promoting your giveaway

How you choose to promote your giveaway competitions is important because it will determine how many participants you will get.

Remember, the key to a successful giveaway is clear communication about entry requirements, deadlines, and prizes. You want to ensure that you clearly outline the competition rules/T&C’s.

Along with a clear outline of the prize, how to enter, the rules of the competition, deadlines, and terms and conditions, you can promote your giveaway in several ways:

  • Promote on all your social media channels: Announce your giveaway across all your social media channels, sharing sneak peeks of the prizes and providing clear instructions on how to participate.
  • Use eye-catching graphics: Use vibrant Nutrimetics branding and imagery to capture attention as followers scroll through their feeds. Visit N-Central for all your branding and images.
  • Host live Q&As or Stories: Use the Stories and Live features on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to create real-time engagement. Host live Q&A sessions about Nutrimetics products, showcase behind-the-scenes moments and announce winners in real-time to generate buzz.
  • Use email marketing: Tap into your existing customer base by sending out a newsletters or dedicated emails about the giveaway.
  • Encourage sharing: Implement a sharing element in your giveaway, where participants can earn additional entries for sharing the contest with their friends. This not only increases visibility but also creates a viral effect, broadening your reach.

Promoting your giveaway doesn’t have to only be online. You can also encourage customers and potential customers to enter by creating a flyer with a link to enter!

Follow-up – what to do after your competition

Whether you use a random generator tool to draw a random winner, or, select your winner based on the most creative entry, you can contact them through email and also make a public announcement post on your social media pages.

You may want to encourage the winner to post a picture of their prize once they receive it so that you can share this among your followers. This not only showcases the real impact of your products but also builds authenticity and trust within your community.

For those who missed out, be sure to console them by hinting at future giveaways, or even offering consolation prizes such as a discount offer on the same item.

Final thoughts

To measure the success of your competition, analyse key performance indicators such as the increase in social media followers, engagement rates, traffic to your My Website URL and any subsequent boost in sales. Track the success metrics you set out to achieve initially and use these insights to refine your approach for your future Nutrimetics giveaways.

Check out our Nutrimetics Facebook page for more social media inspiration!

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