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How to Use Facebook & Instagram Reels for Sales

Learn how to make a reel on Facebook and Instagram to market your Nutrimetics beauty side hustle. Engage, promote, and collaborate.

Short videos, also known as reels, are all over social media – for good reason! This content format lets you create short yet entertaining videos to interact with your audience, market your products, and increase beauty sales.

One of our favourite video forms for marketing is Facebook Reels. Thanks to its quick and easy-to-use format and knack for grabbing attention instantly, Reels have become a top choice for reaching a wide audience to promote products and gain more sales.

Nutrimetics Beauty Consultants who earn the most all create content on social media to grow their sales. Here’s how you can use Facebook Reels as part of your Nutrimetics marketing strategy.

Understanding the power of Facebook Reels for sales

These short, engaging videos are changing the game for Nutrimetics Consultants. With their bite-sized format and engaging visuals, Reels provide a powerful platform to showcase your Nutrimetics products and entice viewers within mere seconds.

What we’re discussing here is referred to as ‘short-form video marketing.’ These videos are typically no longer than 30 seconds and are enhanced by tools like music, audio clips, and special effects. 

Facebook and Instagram Reels are connected since they’re both owned by Meta. 

The key difference between Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels? Facebook Reels will appear on people’s Feeds whether or not they follow you. This expands your reach beyond friends and family and allows you to connect with a wider audience. 

How to craft compelling Reel content

If you want to learn how to make money on Facebook using reels, it all starts by grabbing your audience’s attention.

Creating captivating Reel content is essential for Nutrimetics Consultants to showcase their products effectively and engage with their audience. Here’s how you can craft irresistible Reels to elevate your sales game:

  • Highlight Your Star Products: Begin by shining the spotlight on your standout Nutrimetics products. These products are the stars of your Reels and should be featured prominently to catch the viewer’s attention. It’s always a good idea to promote the brochure deals, as your customers love savings and free gifts. Make reels based on the brochure offers.
  • Demonstrate Product Benefits: Showcase your Nutrimetics product through quick transitions and moving text listing each benefit. Here is a Nutrimetics example selling Platinum DNA Age repair Creme.
  • Share Personal Anecdotes: Incorporate personal anecdotes or stories into your Reels to add authenticity and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Talking directly to camera (in portrait mode) or recording a voice over is a great way to tell your story. 
  • Provide Quick Tips and Tricks: These bite-sized nuggets of information not only demonstrate your expertise but also make your Reels more engaging and shareable. For example, did you know applying Hyaluronic Acid to wet skin makes your serum absorb more effectively? This could be a great tip to share for Ultra Care Moisturising System.
  • Showcase Before-and-After Transformations: Nothing grabs attention quite like a dramatic before-and-after transformation. Use your Reels to showcase the impressive results that can be achieved with Nutrimetics products, inspiring viewers to try them out for themselves.
  • Have a Clear Call to Action (CTA): Every Reel should have a CTA. What do you want the viewer to do – follow you, share, or shop your products? Always link back to your personalised My Nutrimetics website URL (eg: . If you haven’t set your online store up yet, you cna do this in your Consultant portal, N-Central.

Once you have planned out your content, here’s how to create a Reel on Facebook:

  1. Open Facebook or Instagram app.
  2. Tap “+” then “Reel.”
  3. Record or select videos.
  4. Customise with text, stickers, music.
  5. Add a caption and hashtags.
  6. Choose who can view.
  7. Post!
  8. Engage with the audience. (EG: comment back when others comment on your Reel and direct them to shop your My Website online URL). 

That’s it! You’re now ready to showcase your Nutrimetics products and connect with your audience on Facebook and Instagram.

Leveraging your brand and storytelling

Through Reels, Nutrimetics Consultants have a unique opportunity to deepen connections and drive engagement through brand storytelling. Telling the story of your brand through Reels will see an increase in leads, customer engagement, and sales.

You can get started by uploading a Reel with an introduction about who you are, how you got started, how long you’ve been sharing Nutrimetics, and what your goal as a Consultant is, e.g. “helping people look and feel their best”. 

Integrating brand storytelling into Facebook Reels helps Nutrimetics Consultants create engaging content that resonates with their audience, driving awareness and loyalty to their business.

Using CTAs strategically

A well-placed Call to Action (CTA) transforms passive viewers into active customers. Think of it as extending a virtual handshake, providing a clear direction for your audience on the next steps to take.

Here are some CTA suggestions:

  • “Comment below for more information”
  • “Cast your vote”
  • “Follow me”
  • “Like and share this video”
  • “Click the link in Bio”
  • “Shop here”

Whether guiding them to your Nutrimetics personalised website, prompting them to share their thoughts in comments, or inviting them to join your Facebook Group, CTAs offer a clear path to boosting sales and deepening connections with your audience.

Engage with the audience to build community as well as driving sales

Using Facebook Reels is not just about selling products – it’s about fostering meaningful connections that drive sales and loyalty.

By being responsive to comments, messages, and inquiries, you demonstrate your commitment to your customer’s needs. Initiating conversations, seeking feedback, and sharing content not only encourage engagement but also provide valuable insights into your customer’s preferences, wants, and goals. You can then use this information to craft more targeted promotions and tailor your product offerings. 

Additionally, hosting virtual events such as live Q&A sessions and product demonstrations serves to bring your community together. By being your authentic self and remaining consistent with your Reels and online content creation, you can cultivate a loyal following who not only support your Nutrimetics beauty business but also become advocates for your brand, contributing to your long-term success as a Nutrimetics Consultant.

Collaborations and partnerships 

Pairing with fellow Nutrimetics team members or beauty influencers in your niche can amplify your message and introduce your products to new audiences. Collaborating can be one way to monetise Reels and expand your audience reach.

Whether it’s through joint Reels, co-hosted events, or cross-promotional campaigns, collaborations offer endless possibilities for driving sales and promoting your Nutrimetics business. 

Be sure to re-visit your Reels after posting them to check for comments or messages. Keeping these lines of communication open will encourage more engagement and can even result in more Nutrimetics sales and new team members who want to join and earn  just like you. 

Not earning with us yet? Join Nutrimetics and start your beauty side hustle today.

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