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How we make your favourites

We’re showing you how the products you love are created from scratch.

Take a look and see how every Nutrimetics product you use and love is created from scratch. Here’s a behind-the-scenes peak at our process. We’ve been making naturally enriched beauty in Australia and New Zealand for over 50 years!  

Did you know that every Nutrimetics product we create goes through countless stages to become the most perfect formula? Bringing over 50 years of expertise and the latest in cosmeceutical technology, we have a very specialised new product development (NPD) process at Sydney HQ, complete with our own in-house Sydney Beauty Lab. Here we ensure every single Nutrimetics product is super safe, extremely effective and irresistible to use. Once our ideas are perfected, they come to life at our New Zealand Lab and state-of-the-art production facility in Auckland.

Over 50 years of Nutri-Rich Oil

We make over 60,000 jars of Nutri-Rich Oil every year .

Stage 1: The ideas (Feasibility)

Our NPD team invent amazing new Nutrimetics product ideas, based on the latest trends in beauty from global and local research. Our in-house experts will gather ingredient samples and complete preliminary lab trials for initial concepts. We make sure the concept lives up to Nutrimetics’ own very strict standards in sustainability, cruelty free, nature rich and gentle for all skin types. Early research and development tests are undertaken, going through multiple-formula reviews to ensure the look and feel of the product is perfect before approval of the final formulation. The new product concept goes through multiple approval stages with the Sales team, Merchandising and our New Zealand team. Then we begin packaging research to find the best fit for the formula.

Mixing formulas in house Sydney in-house scientist Viktor

“We benchmark every formula against the most premium skincare and cosmetics on the market, so results are undeniable.”
Victor, New Product Development Team, Sydney

Stage 2: The lab (Capability)

Next, we get all the final ingredients in the new formula officially certified, plus we conduct stability testing. All ingredients are thoroughly checked to ensure they meet all regulatory requirements. The team then conducts all the necessary testing, which includes Stability & Compatibility Testing (checking the product shelf life, formula and packaging), Dermatological Testing (to ensure the product is safe for your skin), Preservative Efficacy Testing, as well as in-house trials. We also use YOU – our very own Consultants and customers in many of our product trial teams. If any formula doesn’t live up to your impeccable standards, we go back to the drawing board. If you love it, then the formulation gets the green light. Packaging samples are approved and ingredient lists are created for packaging artwork.

Extensive research and testing nutrimeticsDomonika makes Nutri-Rich Hair formula

“We usually have over 100 people in every product trial team vs some big competitor brands who use only around 15-30 people.”
Aaron, Laboratory Technician Nutrimetics Nz

Stage 3: Ordering & testing

Once the formula is locked in and we sign off all of the product specifications then we can begin manufacturing. We brief our manufacturing team in New Zealand so they can get to work making our ideas come to life. We test everything again! Lab trials are also undertaken at the manufacturing facility, starting with small batch quantities.

New Zealand lab technician and expertsWe make over 600,000 jars of Nutri-Rich Oil a year

“It’s so exciting seeing the first sample batches. Our formulas are so rigorously tested. Quality lab checks are undertaken for every single detail.”
Dominika, Product Development & QA Manager Nutrimetics Nz

Stage 4: Manufacturing

Nutrimetics product artwork is finalised and the first samples are approved by team NPD. The Manufacturer’s production batches are all given a final check and approved. We watch the bulk production and filling to ensure everything runs perfectly. Then, even more research and development and quality lab checks are undertaken and ongoing stability testing commences. Stage 4 is where Nutrimetics HQ will begin creating all the Product Information Sheets and book in models and photography to create beautiful marketing campaigns. Everything is created in-house by our Nutrimetics team to deliver a truly unique product you can be proud of.

Our New Zealand factory team love making Nutrimetics Hand boxed and ready to ship Nutrimetics-1

Stage 5: Launch and delivery

The Nutrimetics product is finished and ready to launch. We excitedly await the final samples to arrive at Nutrimetics HQ. The bulk of the stock is ready and waiting to ship direct from our Auckland warehouse to our Melbourne warehouse, where even more inspections are carried out. Then the marketing and sales team gets to work sharing it with YOU. At pre-launch events, product training, on social media, in brochures, blogs, emails and everywhere you can think of. You then go on to share it with your customers – and yet another iconic product earns their place in the Nutrimetics beauty hall of fame.

Nutrimetics loved and tested on youSo much work goes into making Nutri-Rich Oil


Choose only the best Nutrimetics products for your skin and shop our naturally enriched, cruelty free ranges now.

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