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Green beauty: The Nutrimetics sustainability report

Our green initiatives for an eco-friendly future.

Nutrimetics are champions of green beauty. For over 55 years, we have cared deeply about our impact on the environment. The impact of the beauty industry is something we take seriously and we’re constantly working to reduce our footprint. This year we’re challenging ourselves to become more eco-conscious in every area, from ingredients sourcing, packaging, shipping, and everything else along the way.

At Nutrimetics, we believe that true beauty goes beyond the surface. It’s about nurturing and respecting the world we live in. That’s why we’re dedicated to incorporating sustainable practices into every aspect of our business. Here are some of the many green beauty steps we’re taking to create a more sustainable future.

Better recycling

Our green beauty goal is to make continuous improvements with product packaging. We strive to use more eco-friendly, renewable, and recyclable materials wherever we can. Most of our packaging can be recycled. This includes packaging made of glass, tubes, jars, bottles and cardboard packaging that can be easily placed into council provided recycling bins for kerb side recycling. We are recognised as a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation. APCO is a not for profit organisation partnering with government and industry to reduce the environmental impact of packaging in Australian communities. We’re constantly looking to cut back on unnecessary packaging like polybags and refill jar inserts. We recently eliminated single wrap plastic for our oil droppers, too.

Did you know? … Nutrimetics brochures are shoppable from your phone, but our brochures are also printed with forest certified paper? We’ve seen a huge reduction in waste paper, thanks to digital shoppable brochures. Our printed brochure paper is also forrest certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forrest Certification.

Customers who care 🌎

We are so proud that so many of our customers and Consultants share our eco-minded values, too. In a recent survey, 99% of you told us that you choose to recycle regularly. 66% of you are trying to be more sustainable in your everyday life. 68% of you think about sustainability when choosing brands and a massive 84% of you want to know more about how were trying to be greener. (Stats taken from the Nutrimetics Sustainability survey 2023).

Eco minded product design 💡

From the beginning to the end of our product journeys, we strive to make the most eco-friendly green beauty choices possible. We’re always looking for solutions to reduce plastic and we plan to add some refillable products to our ranges, like the Refillable Palette that lets you choose only the colours you love for less waste. Replenishing your beauty products with refills means an eco-friendly regime for you – and less waste for the planet. Our formulas are also created with clean, safe, plant-derived ingredients and we also source many local ingredients too to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Watch our sustainability goals

Sugarcane tubes and PCR plastic🧴

We are always looking for ways to bring new life into old packaging.  And we’re switching as much packaging as we can to recyclable sugarcane, or 50% PCR plastic. the tubes that we produce are manufactured in New Zealand using sugar cane resin, a renewable resource that is also biodegradable. Sugarcane absorbs one of our biggest pollutants, carbon dioxide. PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic is made from recycled materials, specifically consumer waste like plastic bottles and containers. That’s definitely a step in the right direction for a greener future. 

Green beauty, green science🔬

Many of the green beauty ingredients we source are harvested sustainably, using methods that protect biodiversity. We also never use Sulphates, Parabens, microbeads or microplastics that can cause harm to the environment. Many of our ingredients are also sourced with renewable processes that create minimal waste. With preservation and protection of the ocean in mind, some of our ocean ingredients (like the ‘Red Seaweed’ in Platinum Power Lift & Firm Power Masque) are cultivated with sustainable biotechnology. Kangaroo Paw Flower extract is the hero ingredient in our Restore PRO range. This native Australian flower is abundant, highly sustainably sourced and certified organic.

Efficient delivery

We are all about less air shipments for a smaller carbon footprint and we always strive to find the most efficient ways to deliver your orders. We’re manufactured in New Zealand and designed in Australia, so our emissions from shipping and transporting are lower versus international global brands. If an air shipment is ever necessary, we look for green beauty ways to consolidate shipments where possible.

Cruelty free, always and forever 🐾

Finally, let’s not forget we’re cruelty free and have been cruelty free since the very beginning of Nutriemtics, over 55 years ago. Almost all of our products are also vegan friendly, too.


Did you know Beautyheaven named us on their Earth Day list for top eco-friendly beauty brands?

Green beauty Nutriemetics

Green beauty favourites for you 

Makeup removal with a green tick

Just think of how many cotton pads you might have thrown away over a lifetime? Traditional disposable cotton pads, which are often single-use and non-biodegradable, contribute to the vast amount of waste that ends up in landfills or oceans. Our nifty little pack of reusable, ultra-soft cotton pads remove even stubborn waterproof makeup with just cold or warm water. The specialist fibres reach deep into your pores, leaving skin super clean. Dual-sided and reusable, they replace traditional makeup wipes and are the greener choice. And if you’re looking for greener makeup wipes, you needn’t look any further than our Biodegradable Makeup Wipes. Infused with Aloe Vera for gentle moisturisation, they’re non-irritating and also fully compostable.

The ‘Upcycled Ingredients’ trend 🍑

One of the biggest steps forward in the sustainable beauty movement is ‘up-cycled’ ingredients. With the Nutri-Rich range, we have always remained one step ahead when it comes to reducing waste. Trash becomes treasure when discarded byproducts like fruit seeds (EG: the ‘Magic Kernel’ in Apricot Kernel Oil) and other fruit pits are given a second life to create  advanced skincare formulas. We use ‘up-cycled’ Apricot Kernels that would otherwise end up in landfill to make every single jar of Nutri-Rich Oil. Victor from Nutrimetics Beauty Lab says: “Up-cycling allows us to take the dried Apricot Kernel and turn it into our famous nutrient-rich oil, packed with Antioxidants, Vitamin E and fatty acids to help nourish and protect the skin barrier.”

The greenest clean

Concentrated to last, NutriClean formulas including our famous OLC (Original Lotion Concentrate) formula, are biodegradable, cost-effective and long lasting. OLC formulas help reduce household waste and single use plastics. Plus, by replacing spray chemical-heavy cleaners with NutriClean, you’ll also help improve your home’s indoor air quality. The other great thing about NutriClean formulas is that they are all dermatologically tested, so you can do your bit for the planet, save money and feel safe in the knowledge you’re reducing the number of nasties that your family’s health come into contact w

NutriClean range19_nutriclean-clever-coths

NutriClean Cloths

In Australia, 50 million tonnes of waste is being produced each year. Traditional cleaning products and cloths are disposable. Just think how many paper towels, sponges, disposable wipes and bottles of all-purpose kitchen spray you throw in the bin each year? That’s why investing in NutriClean Cloths is the best choice for your home and the planet – giving you superior cleaning results and a smaller footprint.

Long lasting fabrics 
They’re reusable and made from quality, durable material. Our fabrics are rigorously tested and designed to go the distance, made with special weave materials.. They will outlast any sponge or cloth bought at the supermarket.

Less chemicals
Cleaning with traditional products means using chemical formulas that run out quickly and require excess packaging that ultimately becomes waste. Reusable cleaning products like NutriClean Cloths mean replacing harsh chemicals and disposable packaging.

Use alone or with OLC formulas
These advanced cloths clean without the need for toxic chemicals. Use alone or with our famous and biodegradable OLC formula (Original Lotion Concentrate) for the most effective, incredible results. They’ll still loosen, lift and remove stubborn dirt, cleaning bacteria from surfaces effortlessly. Just add water. 

Money & time savers
Reusable cleaning cloths are an initial very small investment, that will save you plenty of money over time. Plus cleaning with reusable products is faster, there’s no need for multiple different detergents. Simply wet, wipe and dry.

See them in action

Final thoughts …

Our intention has always been to tread lightly, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability across ideas and formulations. We’re not perfect – but we are doing everything we can to put the planet first.

Learn more about our brand values and our ingredients here

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