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How to use a green corrector

Mint magic! Redness gone in one. Learn how to apply green corrector.

Have you ever tried applying green colour corrector? It’s an instant redness fix to make breakouts and rosacea disappear like magic. Colour correcting is a technique that professional make-up artists have used for decades. Now thanks to social media, it’s moved to the mainstream and everybody’s loving it. Green is one of the most popular shades, especially for problem skin issues like rosacea and acne. But what’s the best way to apply it? Read on to learn how.

Instant redness fix

Why you need green colour corrector?

Green colour corrector is a godsend, especially in winter. Colder weather means red blotchy skin can flare up more than usual. Plus, if rosacea is one of your skin concerns, then this is your new best friend. Green colour correctors work best for those who have redness, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The green neutralises the red, so if you have a new blemish, just dab on some green and apply your concealer as usual to banish unwanted spots. Set it with a powder and you’re good to go.

What order should I apply green corrector in?

We recommend applying your make-up in this order and layering green corrector under your foundation for the most natural result.


How do I choose the right green corrector formula?

Colour Correcting Stick is the universal green shade that reduces the appearance of redness, dark spots and blemishes, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. It’s ideal for balancing skin for even, natural looking coverage. This creamy yet lightweight, long-wearing colour corrector blends effortlessly and smoothly, providing seamless undetectable correction for 9+ hour wear. This game changer lasts forever and is easy to apply. The convenient, retractable twist-up stick is ideal for target correcting in a hurry.



Watch how to apply green corrector

  • Universal green shade for all skin tones
  • Creamy yet lightweight formula
  • Easy, retractable twist-up application
  • Vitamin E and Shea Butter enriched
  • Fragrance free and vegan friendly

Should I choose a green palette or stick formula?

While palettes are great for contouring and concealing too, we love how quick and easy a colour correcting stick is to use on the go for fuss-free easy application.

Complexion correction

How to spot correct with green in seconds

Apply in targeted areas for redness, rosacea, discolouration, acne, pimples and more.


Corrector application guide

How does green corrector work?

To explain how it works, remember art class? On the colour wheel, colours that are opposite of one another cancel each other out. Green is placed opposite red. That means if you layer green pigments over areas of skin redness, you can neutralise your base in the most natural way.

Colour wheel

Try these green corrector application tips for an instant redness fix.

  • You can colour correct under or over foundation it’s up to you but we love applying over for a stronger neutralising effect.
  • Or why not spot conceal and blend to hide pimples and broken capillaries using a Lip Brush.
  • Layer your chosen shade of Complete Crème Concealer on top of the green to even out your skin tone.
  • Blend sparingly over problem areas like rosacea and redness. Apply with just fingers or a beauty sponge for great results.
  • Colour correctors are highly pigmented, so use sparingly and blend thoroughly for a natural finish.

Make redness disappear like Magic and try it yourself. Shop Colour Correcting Stick now.

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