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A reality tv star is born

Huge congratulations to one of our favourite Nutrimetics Consultants, Leisel Shepherd.

A huge congratulations to one of our favourite Nutrimetics Consultants, Leisel Shepherd, Senior Consultant, who is now a reality TV superstar after finding true love on a TV dating show.

TVNZ’s new series Down for Love follows six people living with down syndrome on their journey to find love. 23-year-old Leisel Shepherd is a Nutrimetics Consultant alongside her mum Brenda. Leisel loves being a Nutrimetics Consultant, and also loves serving up skincare tips. Down syndrome hasn’t stopped Leisel becoming one of Nutrimetics’ rising stars and a girl boss to be reckoned with.


First love dreams

As the show launches, she is celebrating her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Brayden Pettigrew, whom she met on the series. According to Woman’s Day; “This is both Leisel and Brayden’s first relationship, and they admit they were nervous before their first date, not knowing what to expect or who would be waiting for them on the day. But their worries soon disappeared as they played a highly competitive game of mini golf.”

Leisel finds love

A beauty business for everyone

“We want to raise awareness and we want to be role models. We want to let people know, ‘Hey, here we are and we want to be treated the way that everyone else is treated.”

“He is my true love and my handsome Prince Charming,” says Leisel. Brayden, 21, constantly showers his “Queen” with compliments and sweet kisses. Brayden says they also hope to show the world that people living with Down syndrome are just like anyone else. He says, “We want to raise awareness and we want to be role models. We want to let people know, ‘Hey, here we are and we want to be treated the way that everyone else is treated.'”

Leisel is living proof that having Down syndrome can’t stop you having it all, including a great career and a loving relationship. “Nutrimetics has been life-changing for Leisel,” says mum Brenda. “It’s boosted her confidence, improved her speech and it’s been a safe way to try and give her independence out in the community with other adults.”

“Mum and I do lots of skincare treatments for ladies. And I love get-togethers in cafés because then I get to have cake!” Leisel laughs. “Just seeing my happy customers makes me happy too.”

Leisel’s favourite Nutrimetics products are Nutri-Rich Oil, nc Lip Lightning Gloss and the NutriShape Meal Replacement Shakes, she has one most days.


Leisel’s mum Brenda couldn’t be prouder. “I feel so proud to see Leisel succeeding. It’s amazing to see how much she loves being a Consultant. Leisel has taken to social media like a duck to water. She loves doing videos and we answer messages and emails together. She loves getting to know people and picks up the most interesting facts, which I would completely miss. Her joy for life and her humour melts my heart every day.”

Leisel WD 3

Extra income made easy

Brenda also loves the positive impact that Nutrimetics has had on the whole family. “Seriously, Nutrimetics is the best thing we have done for a long time and not just because of the extra income. We have met such amazing people on our journey. It has given us a whole new perspective on life. This is the most supportive company you could ever hope to find – and somehow it feels like a big secret, so I love that Leisel and I get to spread the word.”

You can see Leisel Shepherd in Woman’s Day New Zealand and read the full article online on the Woman’s Day New Zealand website.

New Zealanders can watch the full series on TVNZ here.

Want to become a girl boss, just like Leisel? Register to find out more about working from home with us.


Do you have a great Nutrimetics story to share? Email us at or tag #lifewithnutrimetics on facebook and Instagram to share your story with us.

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