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The Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Make sure you’re ready to make your favourite woman smile.

Mother’s Day on the horizon (mark Sunday 14th May in your diary), so make sure you’re ready to make your favourite woman smile. A confident, relaxed and energised mum is a happier mum. And happy mums make our world a better place to be. So why not try our last minute gift recommendations to celebrate those who give so much? The best bit is these recommendations are all budget friendly so you can find something mum will love without the hefty price tag.

Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the most important lady in your life. 

For: mum-to-be

Give: Nutri-Rich Oil

If you have a mum-to-be on your gift list, give her the gift that keeps on giving. Stretch marks happen to everyone and that’s why our magical balm is the ideal gift for your favourite pregnant lady. Our most iconic Nutri-Rich Oil locks in moisture and helps support skin elasticity as bellies expand during pregnancy. It’s the best belly oil for pregnancy and stretch marks, made with a blend of nourishing oils and Botanicals to help repair skin and help relieve itching, keeping all mum tums hydrated, nourished and in best condition post pregnancy.  Nutri-Rich Oil is our No.1* selling beauty product for over 50 years. It’s made with the highest quality, consciously sourced botanical ingredients, including the goodness of 100 Apricots in every jar. Plus, you won’t find any Formaldehydes, Triclosan or other nasties mum wouldn’t approve of.

“I used Nutri-Rich Oil all throughout my first pregnancy and it worked wonders for stretch marks! When baby number two gets here I feel confident Nutri-Rich Oil has worked its magic again.” Fion, Marketing 

For: Work from home mum

Give: Energise & Relax Candle Duo

Does the mum in your life struggle to switch off her laptop at the end of the day? Help her relax and unwind with this beautiful candle twin flame pairing that gives you two separate scents. She can create different ambiances for work in the office and rest in the lounge or bedroom. Light separately, or pair the for a beautifully layered scent. For deep relaxation, turn her living room into the cosiest haven with warm roasted Almonds and sweet Vanilla. She can stay alert at her desk and calm the mind with tropically refreshing Coconut and Lime.


“I love I can light the Coconut and Lime when I need to boost my mental focus, or the Vanilla and Almond when I’m ready to relieve stress.” Angela, NPD 

For: skincare savvy mum

Give: Ultra Care+ Moisturising System

Does your mum know her active ingredients? Gift ultimate hydration. You will definitely win mum over with Moisturising System. Powered by advanced Hyaluronic Acid to hold 10000 times its own weight, this lightweight serum jumpstart’s skin’s hydration levels at the deepest level. Use daily under a regular moisturiser for an intensive, non-oily moisture boost that leaves your skin at its dewiest. Plus what mum wouldn’t want a gift that keeps the lovely compliments pouring in?

“My daughter and I are both Platinum devotees, we’re addicted to the whole range. I hope she gets me Moisturising System for an extra hydration hit. It’s the perfect partner to Platinum.” Linda, Marketing 

For: Sleep deprived mum 

Give: Nutrimetics Wellness Pillow Spray

Natural Essential Oils are known to help balance your wellness. Using fragrances to put your body into a calmer state can help you sleep deeply. That’s why if the mum (or motherly figure) in your life is struggling to get some shut-eye, Calming Pillow Spray from Nutrimetics Wellness relaxes both the body and mind, bringing peace and tranquility to her bedroom. Made with natural aromas and essential oils to help her drift off into a peaceful, deep sleep. Pillow sprays are ideal for improving your sleep cycle and uplifting your mood. We recommend spraying your pillow every evening to create a mind-body connection that links the fragrance to the experience of feeling sleepy.


 For: mum on the go

Give: Nutri-Rich Body Satin 

If your mum is always rushing to care for everyone else, make sure she prioritises self-care.  Making time for a post shower ritual head to toe, every day, will not only make her glow but also she’ll feel the benefits of mindful massage and the calming effects that can have on your nervous system. A good quality body moisturiser like  Nutri-Rich Body Satin not only spray in seconds for ultra convenience, she’ll be doing something just for her every day as self-care in the quickest, most luxourious way possible.



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