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How to choose the right mascara

Find the right mascara colour, effect and wand just for you.

Mascara plays the leading role in any makeup look. But it can be difficult to know which formula works best for you, with so many volumising, lengthening and curling formulas out there, how do you know what will work best for your lashes?

To celebrate the brand new shades of  nc Beauty Intense Mascara, we’re giving you all the lash know-how you need to find your dream lash look. Whether you want to shop by look, effect and even mascara colour, you’ll find the best advice below.

Use this chart to find your perfect Nutrimetics mascara  

If you have …

Short lashes  

Short lashes will always benefit from a volumising lash formula, for instant lift and length. Try nc Extreme Volume Mascara. The thick, oversized bristles and 360-degree curved wand will give an instant false lash effect.   

Fine lashes 

You can fake thickness by choosing a mascara with a long, pointed brush like nc Lash Impact Mascara, which darkens and lengthens lashes in a single coat. It holds more formula and captures every lash.

Straight lashes 

If your lashes are straight, Professional 4-in-1 Ultimate Mascara catches and lifts lashes with denser bristles for a wide-eyed look and a no clump effect. Just add a lash curler for extra lift.  

Damaged lashes 

Sparse, uneven lash length can be caused by false lashes or lash extensions. Look for a mascara enriched with precious natural oils to nourish and repair. Try NEW nc Beauty Intense Mascara is made with lash-loving nourishing Argan and Mango Oil. 

Long lashes 

Lucky you! Enhance your natural length with a curling mascara brush. Adding lift and curl to your lashes with nc Extreme Volume Mascara will give your flutter the umph you’ve been waiting for. 


How do I choose the right shade of mascara?

While effect and wand might be one matter, knowing which colour to choose is another conundrum. We recommend if you’re fair or blonde with naturally lighter coloured lashes, brown will enhance your flutter in the most natural way. If you have darker hair you’re always winning with black mascara. Regardless of skin and hair colour, black always makes a statement. Or if you’re looking to go bold with your look, blue is the trending colour of now!


Blue lashes are having a beauty moment  

Coloured mascara is officially here to stay. With the euphoria make-up trend still reigning strong and countless celebrities sporting rainbow coloured lashes on the red carpet, there’s never been a better time to play with colour. Plus, its easy and fun to incorporate into your look. Don’t be intimidated. It’s easier to pull off than you might think. As always, we’re ahead of the game with nc Beauty Intense Mascara, so lavish your lashes in blue pigments. Break your colour rut and light up your lashes with electric blue. The shade is having a beauty moment in the easiest, most wearable way. 


Black, brown or blue?  

Which hue is for you?  


If you want lashes that bring drama, black is best. Matching black liner provides a dramatic frame for eyes. For a sophisticated look, lightly line your top lash line and extend out subtly to a baby cat-eye.   

Earthy brown tones are always the most natural and easy to wear. Brown mascara offers a softer look, perfect if you’re looking for a subtler way to enhance lashes. Soft brown tones harmonise well with blonde, light brown, or lighter red hair.

A little colour play is all it takes to nail the beauty look of the moment: blue lashes amped up with matching cobalt blue liner. Be bold and unapologetic and make it graphic. Downplay all the other features and keep the rest of the makeup minimal.

TIP: Blue brightens the whites of the eyes for an instant pick-me-up.  

Try all three colours and find your look

Graphic glamour meets romantic flutter, all in the buildable brilliance of a creamy-rich, vegan formula

  • Choose from three pigment packed shades  
  • Infused with Bamboo & Argan Oil for healthy lashes  
  •  Gives a lifted effect & 12+ hour wear  
  • Water & humidity resistant, smudge proof  
  • The formula is enriched with Mango Seed Oil and Rice Bran Wax 

Watch the shades in action here


Should I choose a waterproof formula?

All Nutrimetics formulas remove easily with make-up remover or Micellar Water, so ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. There are plenty of occasions when it is a good idea to wear a waterproof mascara. It’s essential when you hit the swimming pool, sunbathing or working out (or even just watching a sad film). If your eyelashes are very fragile or fine, a non-waterproof formula might be a better choice as the formula has slightly less hold. 

Our Mascara DON’TS 

  • Pumping your mascara  
    Pumping your mascara brush is a no-no. The action gets air into the formula and dries it out quicker. Try rolling and twisting instead.  
  • Sharing mascara  
    To avoid the risk of infection, don’t share your mascaras. Or use disposable brushes instead, if lending to a friend. 
  • Sleeping in mascara  
    Sleeping in mascara can ruin your lashes. It leaves lashes stiff, which means they’re more susceptible to breakage as you toss and turn at night. Remove with Professional Micellar Cleansing Water or nc Make-Up Cleansing Tissues. 
  • Not replacing your mascara 
    Mascaras usually expire every 6 months so make sure you replace regularly to get the best effect out of your formula.  


Why not go bold with colour this Valentine’s Day?
Try nc Beauty Intense Mascara in electric blue here.

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